4 Basic Aspects of Immortal Vision

Have you been addressing healthy vision in a singular manner?  There are 4 basic aspects of vision: the faculty of sight (the ability of vision/ the ability to see); actual sight (the act of seeing external objects); seeing phantoms or visions (commonly referred to as second sight or prophecy); and the production of fancy (something imaginary or created perception).  Addressing any one of these aspects will create change; yet ignoring any one or more of these aspects can impact ongoing success with changes being made. So what is Immortal Vision?

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Immortal vision takes all aspects of sight and perception into consideration. It also takes all lifetimes into consideration. After all, there are many existences of your inner immortal. The ways you express yourself in form, the ways you express yourself in sound, and the ways you manifest are all aspects of your vision.

  • What is the condition of your vision that exists beyond the faculties of physical sight?  

  • How do you witness your reality?  

  • How do you perceive interactions with others?

  • How do you communicate what you are seeing?  

  • Are your visual perceptions determined solely by healthy eyes and perfect vision in a medical sense?


Immortal vision includes more than the faculty of sight.  For instance, there is a difference between perfect eyesight and the perfect perception of one’s environment.  If one has 20/20 vision, one does not always witness events, interactions and occurrences perfectly. If one has perfect eyesight, one does not always have the infallible ability to see into one’s future.  Setting medical adjustments and treatments aside for the moment, there are other facets of sight which impact one’s ability to experience true vision.

Actual sight can be manipulated in many ways. When you witness an event and determine that you have had a pleasurable experience, you will seek more. When you observe an event and determine that what you have observed is horrible, you will avoid the possibility of encountering something similar again.  These types of experiences impact your ability to see clearly, your willingness to create a realistic future, as well as the ways you see yourself and others physically and energetically. These types of experiences and the ways you respond and place judgements upon them impact your true vision.

It is common for individuals to experience the inability to see into the past or future in practical ways as well as the ways of second sight.  This common occurrence is not always due to a lack of visual capacity. There are common events throughout your lifetime which impact your ability to see due to the limitations of your willingness to see.  Children are told that ghosts are not real. Adults with special abilities are considered to be cosplay fans or mentally challenged. Many stay silent or shut down due to subjects which are frowned upon. These are examples of the ways society’s opinions cloud your vision. Once the shut down begins, mortality will impose itself upon your immortal vision.

The production of fantasy is common for those who wish to escape reality. It is also common for those who create amazingly new realities for themselves. This is where true vision and knowing come together in the creator’s toolbox. Are you daydreaming about your future? Are you allowing others to scoff at the truths of your future outcomes? The vision of imagination walks a tender line balanced by illusion and disillusion. This never ending tight rope is held in place by timing and truth. You are always walking this line, and only your inner immortal knows when you are firmly rooted along this path.

When it comes to your immortal existence, there are countless encounters which impact your abilities to perceive the past, present and future within your current lifetime.  These factors play key roles in the states of your vision. Being willing to see, checking the approval and disapproval structures of what you see, and knowing the truth of any situation in your heart are three elements which stabilize your faculties of sight. When all four of these aspects culminate in truth, you will experience the power of immortal vision.


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Rann Goldrich applies her knowledge and talents towards the architecture of energy.  She has contributed to the development of energetic modalities, and created several modalities of her own including: conscious creating, liberating bodies from locked charges, collapsing anchor points, quantum jumping, changing appearances, and joyful living.