Comfortable Closeness- Cute Animals


When was the last time you Enjoyed Being  comfortably close?

It's one of those things, that you hope everyone has experienced- When you meet someone again for the first time.  It's like picking up where you left off, but not remembering where you left off, but it's also wonderful.  It's a relationship that is so easy, that it is also easy to forget other things that are very important.

In the world of energy and light workers, a rekindled relationship with someone you've never met before is the sign of some energetic stuff that needs to be worked out.  What is this energetic stuff?  It can be countless things, and whether or not you work them out is up to you.  The important thing to recognize up front is that this is not a new relationship, but a continuation of an already existing relationship.

After recognizing the appearance of an old soul in your life you have the choice of whether or not this individual is going to stay around, whether or not you have the expectation of regular or irregular encounters, and whether or not this relationship maintains relative proximity to yourself.  Is this new person going to be a part of your life, or a contribution to your lifestyle?

As a part of your life, it is easier to work out the energetic stuff.  You are able to welcome someone into your life while maintaining relative boundaries.  Occurrences like these are very normal.  The reunion is fun and special.  Those who are meeting once again can gather the information that they need, complete a previous agreement, or create something new.  Once everything is complete, the individuals can go about the rest of their lives- sometimes never encountering one another again.

As a contribution to your lifestyle, it becomes a bit more difficult to maintain clarity around your personal boundaries as well as the energetic stuff.  In these instances, attraction may be very strong, and an intimate relationship may seem to appear out of nowhere.  On other occasions a close bond is enabled before all information has come forward, and openings exist where they wouldn't otherwise be allowed. Once this relationship is in place, then it exists as a model to play out past patterns, to resolve conflicts (sometimes by being in conflict with each other), or co-create on scales that affect the lives of others - even bringing up children.

How did our hippos develop their comfortable closeness?  Are they siblings?  Are they partners?  Are they parent and child?  Did they just drop on a beach next to each other after swimming?  In what other ways can you read the story of these cute animals?  These are also ways that occurrences of comfortable closeness can manifest.

Like many things, comfortable closeness can be a super-charged, wonderful experience.  It can also be a trap into which one settles and has difficulty changing.  Sometimes it is so fleeting, that it must be enjoyed.  And sometimes it is so long lasting that it is taken for granted.  In all things, give gratitude.  For in regards to the big question of "Why am I here?", comfortable closeness is an experiential answer.

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Rann Goldrich applies her knowledge and talents towards the architecture of energy.  She has contributed to the development of energetic modalities, and created several modalities of her own including: conscious creating, liberating bodies from locked charges, collapsing anchor points, quantum jumping, changing appearances, and joyful living.


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