Changing Lives with The Pleasure Button Face & Body Lift 

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     Most think about reducing wrinkles, lifting an eyebrow, or tightening up a jawline as desirable effects of an energetic face lift.  Although this is true, shifting one’s physical appearance is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Immortal Face Lifts.

    The Pleasure Button Face & Body Lift (PBFBL) is a 2nd generation Immortal Face Lift (IFL).  This means that it arrived in the wake of one of the 1st generation IFLs.  

    When enough shifts have been initiated by a single IFL or a generation of IFLs, a new series presents itself.  This doesn’t mean the previous generation has expired- to think this would be an unfortunate presumption.

    Just like the basics are the building blocks of an successful endeavor, previous generations of energy work and personal developments are able to contribute to the greatest benefit when they are not taken for granted.

    The Pleasure Button Face & Body Lift is a 2nd generation of activations based on increasing energy flows.  This particular activation is designed to release intensely charged nodes of energy so that the body can return to a state of perpetual generation.  It was designed this way so that it could address addiction and addictive behaviors.  


  •     For someone who is scattered, this activation will result in focus.
  •     For one who actively participates in a regular addiction, such as smoking, this activation will reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms in support of change.
  •     For one who actively participates in a stronger addiction such as barbiturates, the PBFBL assists by inducing a natural release of lost happiness hormones; thereby educating the body in ways to return to a balanced state in shorter amounts of time.
  •     For one who exhibits OCD behaviors, the driving urge or need that one experiences when triggered is significantly reduced.
  •     For one who is driven by a craving such as food, forms of self satisfaction or other known sabotaging choices, the drive towards such a thing is also reduced.
  •     For one who chooses entrapment or “smallness” the PBFBL creates a sense of expansiveness which not only sustains, but assists in taking action which introduces liberties and freedoms.  These liberties reveal themselves at reasonable scales, so one does not retreat or precipitously return to previous states due to the overwhelm of change.

     THE PBFBL is not always a one-stop fix, but its repeated use will provide necessary support.  In addition to this ideal function, it is an Immortal Face & Body Lift!  Its expansively energizing nature picks up on the root coding of the Youthening Face & Body Lift for the advancement of toning and glow in addition to replenishment gained by healthy cellular function.

Good companions to this Immortal Face Lift are

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**All of these Immortal Face Lift Activations are included in the Immortal Beauty Kit
"Surmounting Addiction and Compulsion Gracefully"  Learn More Here.


written by rann goldrich

Rann Goldrich applies her knowledge and talents towards the architecture of energy.  She has contributed to the development of energetic modalities, and created several modalities of her own including: conscious creating, liberating bodies from locked charges, collapsing anchor points, quantum jumping, changing appearances, and joyful living.


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